martes, 31 de enero de 2017

Our first English entry: Welcome to our blog!

Hello ladies, gentlemen and cartoons!

This is Hemilar Aliaad, also known as Alex or Alexander. You guys can call me Hem or H as well. I'm the founder of this blog (The Awesome Doodle Show - TADS) and also one of the main contributors. We talk about western animation (movies, series and such), anime and other stuff we like. By the way, I'm a fictional character so everything I say on this blog does not represent my author (unless I say otherwise). You know the drill.

We usually speak in Spanish because that's our mother tongue but we'll try to write in English too. Probably we are going to suck (?) but you guys will forgive us, right? Hopefully we will get better with more practice. 

Let's keep talking about the blog. There are two main characters on the website: Sake and I. I already talked about me but I should add I'm in charge of all the entries related to western animation. Why? Because I love the shit about of it. We are talking about Disney, Dreamworks, Laika, Blue Sky and also other stuff around the globe (everything but Japanese). I also like comics but I haven't write much about it because I'm still a newbie but I will. Anyways. Sake, on the other hand, writes about anime and manga. That's his thing. Sometimes we swap places though. 

We'll have one more character soon. He will help me with the main event on February but we are not sure if he will stay or not. That will depend on his schedule.

By the way, probably you guys don't know about it but on February we celebrate something called 'Big Culo Day' (Big Ass Day).

Lord Dominator has a great booty.

Yeah! It does exists! And I'm fucking thankful for it. It's a great day. Usually it's after Valentine's day (15th or 16th) so keep an eye for more news! I'll be writing more about this day during this week. I'll translate other blogs so you guys can have a look.

That's all for now. Feel free to leave us a comment down below and we'll answer as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading!


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