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Steven Universe: "Wanted" Promo #1 & #2

[Entrada en inglés / English entry]

Sorry if my English is kinda rusty/awful kek

Hello ladies gents and gems!

Are you ready for the next episode of Steven Universe!? You bet I am. Damn it looks good. It feels like is going to be quite a ride.

Warning: Promo spoilers ahead. Please leave if you are waiting for the episode to air.

First of all, watch promo one and two over here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVaQjjDh6UY

I saw the second one first because I was reading a thread on /co/ but I just checked the first one and holy crap the Diamonds look scary as hell. That's want I wanted to see: two tyrants being threating for once. We already had a good villain (Aquamarine) - even though I hate that little sh** haha.

Don't let her appearance fool you. She's very good at being bad.

So know we can expect to have two bloody Diamonds attacking Steven and Lars (if you already checked the Youtube video you can see Yellow Diamond throwing some kind of lighting), well at least one. Blue Diamond doesn't seem to be that kind of person but holy shit I was scared with that close up hahahahaha.

There's a few theories going around about Lars dying, Steven fusing with Lars (Stars) and White Diamond being a fusion of Yellow, Blue and Pink. I'm not sure what's going to happen but I expect some good storytelling and a lot of action. And I really hope White Diamond is a new diamond and a very cruel one. It will be the bomb. 

Let's not forget about the new gem!

There's no official name for her but everyone is calling her 'Moonstone' because of her head shape. I actually kind of dig her. She's supposed to be Steven's lawyer for the trial.

I realized something: we have seen two new blue gems (and just one yellow gem -Topaz-), why there's more blue than yellow? I'm actually intrigued. 

Well that's all! We got to wait until Memorial Day (I'm not from the US but I researched the date and it's supposed to be on May 29th) to watch this new episode. If you want to share your thoughts you can write a comment below. Thanks for reading!

See you next time!


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